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Here’s an archive of my latest articles. Enjoy!

Thousands of Hours

The music boomed throughout the auditorium. The audience clapped in sync propping up the beat. My mind calculated a dozen possibilities. The only thing that fueled my tired body was my competitive nature. But not…

Are you being realistic about your success?

Keeping it real with yourself is crucial while pursuing your dream freelance business. It’s not about setting low expectations. It’s about having the right mindset and keeping things in perspective.

How to get 50 leads in under two hours

Having a hefty list of leads makes prospecting a whole lot easier. I’m surprised at how many freelancers haven’t sat down to think about leads they already have access to. I promise it’s not rocket science!

Letter to the Distracted Extrovert

As introverts living in a culture that favor extroversion, we’ve been told an indirect story about who we are. This is a letter addressed to distracted extroverts who have tried to inaccurately define us and our introversion.

This is why you are an introvert

How different were you as a kid? Were you born an introvert or did you grow into one? These complex questions are worth exploring. I’ve researched the matter just for you. Read about how introversion works inside of you, according to science.

18 Questions to selling naturally as a freelancer

Selling isn’t dirty. And it shouldn’t make you cringe. Selling is necessary and the backbone of your business. Read about the 18 questions that will help you sell better as an introverted freelancer.

How can I frame better questions in sales meetings?

This is sample content from Bona Fide Selling–an online workshop I’m for introverted freelancers who want to sell better. Learn how introverts can lead sales meetings without having to do all the talking.

The 4-Step Sales Process For Freelancers

The highest priced project I’ve sold up to date was for $60,000+. If you can’t imagine selling that kind of project as an introverted freelancer, then you lack a solid sales process. Learn the 4 steps that will make your freelance selling effective.

How to make the most of events as an Introvert

A challenge many introverts have is networking at events. Sometimes, it’s the small talk. Other times it’s how drained we feel. Learn 5 tips you can use to help you network and get the most out of your next event.

Something to think about if you lack the confidence to ask

You’re uncomfortable asking for things such as an introduction, referral, or for someone’s time. Your business isn’t growing to its full potential because of it. Your level of generosity might have something to do with it. Read about one angle of where confidence comes from when asking.

How to get leads when you meet people without being salesy

How many times have people asked you about what you do for a living? Now, imagine if you could have gotten leads off of a percentage of that number. Stop giving a crappy answer. Learn to navigate that question and get leads from new people you meet without being “salesy”.

Make more money by being Freelancer and Consultant

Do you consider yourself a consultant or freelancer? If you’re seasoned in either, it’s time to increase your value to clients–and of course, get paid more. Learn the difference between Freelancer and Consultant, and how each can grow their business.

The most important thing you’ll do before starting a project

Are you starting to hate some projects? Maybe you’re starting to hate working with specific clients? It’s probably your fault. You’ve failed to set expectations, which aren’t allowing you to do your best freelance work. Learn how to define and set expectations with your clients.

Why I missed out on a $125k+ project

A few years ago, I missed out on a 6-figure project. Although I regret missing out on the project, the experience taught me a crucial truth about why so many Introverted Freelancers can’t win their dream projects.

A simple but powerful understanding of mastery

We all set out to master something, especially in freelancing and in business. But are you missing the mark? Are you not standing out? Learn this simple but powerful understanding of mastery that may give you the edge you’re looking.

You suck at asking for people’s time

You probably suck at asking for people’s time and don’t even know it. Don’t worry, most people suck at it too. Here are 3 things you should always do when asking for someone’s time.

2017 is the year you dominate selling

You’re going to dominate selling as an Introvert this year. It’s really important that you do so. Read about a few resources I’m creating for you throughout the year (most of them are free).

Can I be vulnerable for a moment?

This article isn’t meant to be strategic, corrective, or even instructive. This article is an attempt to connect with other stoic introverts who find it easier to express themselves through their work and art.

Positioning yourself to be awesome

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you’ve already positioned yourself in some way. There’s a science and an art behind positioning. If you create the perfect balance between the two, your clients will think of you as pure awesomeness.

The 5 elements that make up an effective persona

If you don’t have a persona, your business isn’t as focused as it could be. You’ll keep scrambling and spending way too much time on decisions that should be easy. Learn about 5 elements that make up an effective persona.

A proven way to find a solid niche

If you’re not niching, you’re doing business wrong. Learn how to find a solid niche and state it in a single sentence with 3 questions.

Stop the madness by choosing a focus

Do you have extremely busy days with little to show for them? Have you had so much to do that you spend way too much time trying to decide which task to tackle first? You may have fooled yourself into thinking you lack productivity skills but your business’ lack of focus might be the problem.

The power of friendship in business

Scared to reach out to your people; contacts, prospects, and clients? This simple shift in the way you think about them can make the difference. Learn how and why.

The truth about six-figure automated sales funnels

Many dream of having an automated sales funnel that generates lots of money, but are they the right tool for a creative hustler? With all the hype, it’s easy to forget what really brings home the bacon.

Find the art in your hustle

For most introverts, it’s hard to imagine that selling could ever become easy. But that’s so far from the truth. Selling can get easier. We simply need to change the way we see and think about our hustle.

What does money mean to you?

Mostly everything we see has been touched by money. Money plays a huge role in your business. Let’s talk about it.

How the right kind of trust made me $60,000

Trust is everything when it comes to client relationships. Trust is your most important asset since it dictates how much clients will invest in you. Learn about 4 practical ways you can acquire trust.

Ask Better Questions

Creative Hustlers are curious creatures. We ask the tough questions that make all the difference. Learn 5 types of questions you should always be asking.

Are you a consultant or freelancer?

People use “Consultant” and “Freelancer” interchangeably. They’re not the same, though. Learn the difference between the two along with what can make you an even more powerful creative hustler.

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