Bona Fide Selling

The 4-week online workshop for introverted freelancers who want to sell higher quality projects in their most natural and authentic way.

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Are you just “getting by” with “decent” projects?

You’ve been freelancing for some time now. You “get by” with selling “decent” projects.

But deep down you want more.

You’re not okay with just “getting by” anymore.  You want to sell higher priced projects because your work deserves it. Even more than that, you deserve

But there’s a roadblock. A big one. You feel your introverted tendencies standing in the way of building your dream business.


You’ve tried applying sales tactics you’ve read about, but none of it feels natural. The last thing you want is to be a phony. Fake’s not your style.

But if you don’t do something now, you’ll stay stuck in this abyss of just “getting by” and selling “decent” projects like many introverted freelancers do.

The real truth about merely “getting by” with projects that are “okay”

If you continue on this path of just getting by, you and I both know that you’ll eventually quit and go back to working for the corporate grind.

Maybe giving up isn’t such a bad idea. But maybe giving up will sabotage the freedom you’re building with your freelance business.

We both know those thoughts aren’t doing you any favors. Those thoughts are your enemy.

They stand between you and your dream business.

Let’s say that you do go back to work for the corporate world. The reality is that every time someone asks what you do for a living, you’ll be reminded of what could have been, what would have been, what should have been.

You’ll be reminded of your failure again and again.

That’s no way to live.


But let’s talk about how you’re losing money (and LOTS of it) because you’re just “getting by” with “decent” projects.

Every “decent” project you sell is one less AWESOME and higher priced project.

Let’s say the average price for projects you sell today is $5,000. And you sell an average of 15 projects per year to “get by”.

If you were to sell each project for 35% more in price (which is completely doable with better sales skills and a repeatable process), then you’d make $1,750 more per project, which is $26,250 more per year.

Your unrefined sales skills could be costing you over $25,000 per year–maybe even more.

It’s no wonder you’re frustrated!

Frustration is optional, though.

Eliminate your frustrations by learning to sell higher priced projects without sacrificing your introversion by taking the Bona Fide Selling workshop.

It’s a real game changer.

I understand you more than you may realize

I too was once in the abyss of selling “decent” projects to “get by”. And I understand you more than you think.

I sold my first project for $150 and a burger king sandwich. Yeah, what can I say? Times were tough.

My second project was for $2,000. My third was for $600.

What the heck, right?!

I was frustrated just like you are now.

Something inside of me wasn’t at peace. I was still frustrated. Deep down, I knew I could do better.

After all, I spent years working on my craft! My skills were worth way more than $150 and a freakin’ Burger King Sandwich, dang it!

I was **this** close to going back to corporate america. Software Engineers get paid good money. I could have easily put in my 40-60 hours every week, get paid every two weeks, and say hello to cruise control.

But that kind of life wasn’t enough for me anymore.

I wanted needed more.

The realization that changed my direction

It was time for me to have a say in how, when, and with whom I worked. It was time for me to build a business that created space for me to truly enjoy life.

I’m not talking about partying during the weekends (although that’s an option too). I’m talking about things like:

  • Traveling multiple times during the year in a relaxed fashion.
  • Working 15-25 hours a week instead of 40-60 hours.
  • Having more time for close friends and family.
  • Creating my own work schedule tailored to my energy.

It was time for me to curate my life and future.

Instead of going back to “comfortable” corporate america, I took a month off to reframe my entire business and sales process.

As an introvert, my superpower is asking poignant questions to get to the truth of things, including how I worked. I found out that I was imitating the successful salespeople I knew.

The problem was that they were nothing like me…

They came from different places, different cultures, and different experiences. On top of that, they were all extroverted!

I was building a freelance business like an extrovert while being an introvert. It was utterly out of alignment with who I fundamentally was. It made no sense!

Selling projects for 20x more in price and quality

So, I started asking questions. Even more importantly, the right questions.

Every decision I made aligned with who I was. Selling became easy and even enjoyable.

Shortly after, I sold my fourth project for a little over $40,000.


I know, right?

My highest priced project went from $2,000 to $40,000. Can you imagine how it felt to sell 20x times more?

At first, I thought I got lucky… But then I did it again, and again, and again!

Never again did I sell a project for under 5-digits. Instead of selling 10-15 projects a year, I only had to sell 3 or 4 high-quality projects.

I even took half a year off to travel during 2016 after selling two great projects earlier that year. It was a ton of fun!

Oh, and I wasn’t just “getting by” anymore. I was killin’ the freelance game and enjoying the project work too!

You can master your sales skills too–even as an introverted freelancer

That’s the essence of Bona Fide Selling.

luis-teaching Freelance Conference, Austin, TX. 09-08-2017

The workshop is for introverted freelancers, consultants, and creatives like you and me who aren’t satisfied with just “getting by” anymore. It’s for people who want to make real money and build a real business.

Bona Fide Selling will help you:

  • Position yourself to attract your ideal clients
  • Learn how to prospect in the most efficient and natural way possible.
  • Sell your projects for at least 35% more.
  • Discover your authentic selling style.
  • Develop a personalized solid sales process that makes selling manageable, consistent, and predictable.

The workshop is framed around the 18 questions that have helped me and other introverted freelancers take our sales skills to the next level.

Bona Fide Selling

Bona Fide Selling Details

Here’s the quick rundown of the workshop:

  • The Bona Fide Selling workshop is 4 weeks long to ensure you go through a real transformation.
  • You get real feedback from 15 introverted freelancers also committed to building an epic business.
  • You get lifetime access to 18 videos and actionable resources.
  • 80% of your time investment will be dedicated to working on your business.
  • You’ll have weekly huddles with Luis and entire class to keep you moving forward during.
  • The workshop takes place on 01/15/2018 – 02/16/2018.

The cost is $1,500 plus your time and effort.

Next year, the cost will go up to at least $3,000. And the workshop is worth way more than that.

Why this workshop is worth your investment

We’re talking about acquiring a skill that transfers into every future endeavor you decide to tackle.

You’ll recover your investment (and more) by selling your next project using your newly crafted sales process and skills.

And since you plan on selling many more projects with what you learned in the workshop, you’ll earn a lifetime full of dividends.

Enterprise companies used to pay me $3,000+ just to have a one-day discovery meeting with me, which often led to a $20,000+ project shortly afterward.

Enrolling into Bona Fide Selling for only $1,500 is a steal.

And I believe in results so much, that if you’re dissatisfied with the workshop and its results, then I’ll return your money.

The investment is a no-brainer and is secure.

But not everyone is accepted into the program

But here’s the deal. Bona Fide Selling isn’t for everyone.

That’s why there’s an application process. It’s important you get incredible value and return on your investment.

Bona Fide Selling is NOT for:

  • Extroverts. Sorry but not so sorry. There’s already plenty of content out there for you!
  • Non-service based business owners. If you’re not selling projects or services, this workshop isn’t the right fit for you.
  • Those who can’t afford to invest approximately 30 hours spread over 4 weeks to work on their business and their selling skills.

Bona Fide Selling is for you if:

  • You’re an introverted freelancer, consultant, or creative who sells projects or services for a living.
  • You want to learn how to sell higher-priced projects without sacrificing your introversion or authenticity.
  • You want to discover your natural selling style to sell with ease and even enjoy it.
  • You want a solid personalized sales process that helps you predict your future work and income.
  • You want to meet fellow awesome introverted freelancers.
  • You want to build an epic freelance business that gives you space to truly enjoy your life on your own terms.

Okay, so now you’ve got all facts laid out before you.

Are you a fit?

The longer you take in deciding if you’re ready to master the art of selling, the more time and money you’re losing.

It’s time to decide and take action. As in RIGHT NOW.

What are your next steps?

Here are your next steps:

  1. Fill out the application and submit it before 11/30/17.
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email from me.
  3. After your application has been reviewed, you’ll get another email to schedule a call with me.
  4. After our call, you’ll be notified by email if whether or not you’ve been accepted into the workshop.
  5. If accepted, you’ll receive a link to pay for the workshop. If you weren’t accepted this time around, you can always apply again next enrollment period.
  6. Lastly, you’ll receive another email with information to prep you for the workshop so you can hit the ground running.

Yes, the application process is thorough.

Only 15 seats available. Are you one of them?

My name is Luis and I’m an introvert. My energy can only afford 15 students at a time.


It also ensures you get a chance to meet other introverted freelancers like yourself. You’ll grow together and might even develop lifelong friendships.

The session will be curated according to the niches, levels of experience, and needs of the 15 students.

Lastly, the workshop takes place on 01/15/2018 – 02/16/2018.

Apply right now

So there you have it. Stop losing time and money. Start selling awesome projects to build your dream freelance business.

Fill out the application and submit it asap. 

The enrollment period ends 11/30/2017.

Hope to see you in the workshop!

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